Coaching Cases: The Cuddle Case / A Damn Good Boss – edited by Susanne Burgstaller

I translated and edited two coaching cases provided by my dear colleagues and friends Chris Iveson and Peter Szabo for my book "Solution Focus in Organizations". The English version of these cases was published in “InterAction, The Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations”. Read them here:

Interview Susanne Burgstaller with Mark McKergow: From Diagnosis to Dialogue in Organisational Development

Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke interviewed me about my work as an Organisational Coach in the Emperor´s Gardens in Vienna over a nice cup of coffee. The outcome of this conversation - greatly enhanced by Mark´s editorial skills - you can read here:

Metalogue: “What is an organization?” – by Susanne Burgstaller

How working with organisations might be different from working with teams and individuals – by Susanne Burgstaller and Christine Kuch