2. Align Mindset

Challenges for Change Expeditions

Successful athletes undergo mental training. Managers and change agents should do the same. In change management a lot of things are done wrong because people start out from wrong assumptions or have no common purpose. You can avoid making these mistakes. With the right change mindset the impossible becomes possible.

Expeditions into new territories demand willingness and an ability to learn. Resilience is necessary so that people can quickly recover from stressful challenges. In agile organisations, leadership is required on a broad basis. Every single member of an expedition bears responsibility for all the others in it.

Change is not easy, but always possible.
Barack Obama

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Workshop: Positive Change

In change, plans are often too abstract and come from top down. Little time is reserved for the mental and emotional onboarding of change agents. This may later result in resistance and friction, with top management struggling against the organisation’s “paralysing forces”. Change requires learning and personal maturity. Building up a useful change mindset as well as personal mental and emotional skills leads to more useful behavioural and communication patterns. This, in its turn, generates positive energy for your change mission and your organization.

Being great when it counts. Treat your managers and change agents to a ”booster day“. This is usually an excellent investment that results in less friction and smoother flow in later change stages. It helps your Change Team to positively align with each other and to prepare for the constant learning that is ahead of them.

Encourage a positive change mindset!

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