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Client testimonials about change management projects

“Without the retreats — first with management and then with staff — we would not have been able to implement the re-organisation so quickly. One of the good things was that we clarified the goals and the first steps in a timely manner. This was easier with good facilitation than on our own.

These effects are what we are happy about:

  • People talk to each other more: The "positive rumour mill" has become broader and includes more people. A cross-linking of the leaders has taken place.
  • The "crust" has been broken. Sustainability and continuity in the process are perceived as positive. Middle managers have become drivers of the process.
  • Atmosphere and processes are better, informally things are going well, even difficult issues are being addressed objectively.

When we made our fundamental decision about our new "preferred future", we were glad that we could rely on a competent external perspective. Another success factor was that we had prepared the staff event well together with our coach and were prepared for the various questions and reactions. Although not everyone was immediately enthusiastic, at least they felt taken seriously. We got many important suggestions for our change project from our consultant, which were essential for success.

Customer testimonials from teambuilding sessions

  • The workshop fully met my expectations and surprised me by their impact. The facilitation and the structure were really great. It was never boring.
  • I am thrilled - it was really fun. I learned some lessons for myself - not just about the team!
  • The workshop really showed how the team works. At the same time, it also gave us new ideas that we wouldn't have thought of in the office.
  • The workshop showed us how well we fit together and where we can improve. And I realised things I had never thought of in that way before.
  • Great event that made a valuable contribution to strengthening belonging to the field and togetherness in the leadership team.
  • Finally something completely different! That was really good for us.

Customer testimonials from coaching sessions

  • The ideas we talked about gave me perspective again and changed my horizon from "narrow mountain gorge" to "wide savannah". It also gave my motivation a turbo boost!
  • Thank you very much for your guidance! I took a lot away from our meetings and got to know myself better.
  • Wow, after only one coaching session my perspective was clearly defined and I can now go on full of energy. How did you do that?
  • Your professional support helped me a lot. Thank you.
  • Dr. Susanne Burgstaller has made a significant contribution to the further development of my staff through her extensive experience, her extraordinary communication talent, and her special skill in dealing with multi-cultural teams and coachees. Her always friendly and engaging manner, excellent conversation skills and her empathy enable her to always ensure a positive and constructive climate for discussion.

Customer testimonials from trainings

  • I have spoken to some of the participants of the first "Change Management Group" and have received exclusively positive feedback on your workshop! You were very well received by the group and catchphrases such as "the best seminar in the whole programme", "refreshing, competent, varied" are just a few examples from the smorgasbord of verbal feedback. :-)
  • Susanne is good at motivating people to participate. She manages well to put her opinions across. Her appearance conveys great competence and she is very responsive to the needs of the individual participants. Gives good tips and suggestions.
  • I liked: the open atmosphere; all the impulses from the trainer, the variety of settings (teams of two, half-and-half division, plenary, change exercise,...), the variety of topics and the mix of theoretical input and practice.
  • The focused intensive work on a central leadership topic together with a professional, up-to-date consultant was very instructive.
  • Dr. Burgstaller moderated the two days very well and responded to the participants' wishes in an excellent way, so that an outstanding result was achieved.
  • Dr Burgstaller's methodical approach was perfect as usual. While I am used to it by now, I still find it impressive - again and again!

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