3. Define Purpose

Challenges for Change Expe

A positive purpose is the emotional fuel of an organisation. It enables employees to find meaning in their daily work. This has become increasingly important nowadays, especially for the new incoming generations. The millenials judge their managers by their ethical compass and want to work for organisations that have a bigger purpose than simply making profits.

Organisations that can define and communicate a clear purpose attract better employees, show lower stock market volatility and enjoy higher customer loyalty.

A higher purpose makes striving for profit more rewarding and transforms the meaning of work.
Robert Quinn & Anthony Thakor

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Workshop: Positive Purpose

The purpose of the change mission must be crystal clear to all participants. A convincing answer to the following question is needed: How does our change mission contribute to positive purpose of our organisation? Only when this question has been answered can people move forward in change.

Unite your team players through a clear purpose!

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