4. Describing Destination

Challenges for Change Missions

Naturally, it is difficult to describe a destination that is as yet unknown. However, leaders must do the best they can to describe where they are heading and why they wish to take this particular road. Only when this is clear can people start to aim at a common goal. If they find it attractive, they may recognize that their struggles and efforts might be worthwhile, and decide to get involved. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to describe the destination as concretely as possible and in a way that is emotionally appealing.

Employees are basically willing to accept change, for the simple reason that they want their organization to thrive. What they do find hard is not being able to identify a clear and consistent direction and convincing purpose. What sometimes appears to be resistance is often just confusion or exhaustion, which arises from the lack of a motivating North Star.

Setting a clear destination as the "North Star" for the entire expedition is vital.

If you want somebody to change their behaviour, describe the “different behaviour” clearly. You should not assume that the new behaviours are obvious. (…) In order to change something you need to be specific and clear.
Dan Heath, Switch

usolvit Guidance and Support

How can usolvit support you in describing a crystal clear destination with emotional pull, resulting in a roadmap for the orientation of your change project?


Workshop: Vision & Roadmap

Vague targets create confusion and resistance. Crystal clear goals create orientation and participation. The management team must first and foremost agree on the desired destination and describe it concretely and from multiple perspectives. Next, agreement is needed on a "high-level" roadmap, i.e. the process leading to the destination. If this is achieved and clearly communicated, the chances of success are doubled!

Give your expedition some orientation!

Event: Your Destination in Pictures

The accomplishment of any change project is achieved when all those involved in the change have a common and concrete picture of the desired destination. If the expertise and hopes of all parties involved are captured, then a huge part of the journey has already been completed. This makes it easy to use a group’s power to set out and continuously shape your roadmap.

Create a common and motivting picture!

Are you ready for a crystal clear destination with emotional pull?

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