Remote Teambuilding

Excellent teams need good conditions, clear common goals, sensitive communication and psychological security - especially in times of remote work.

usolvit team workshops help to:

  • Discuss both content-related and team issues and bring about immediate improvements.
  • Clarify tasks, processes, interfaces
  • Define and implement strategy
  • Improve interaction and communication
  • Settle conflicts

Unite by having fun together!

Build up your team!

Virtual Reteaming

What does reteaming with usolvit achieve?

  • Quickly bond with each other
  • Agree on common goals
  • Align priorities
  • Define concrete steps
  • Stay "on track" of your joint mission

reteamings can be done in and out of the office, in longer offsites or short virtual meetings.

Susanne has been a certified reteaming coach since 2005 and has conducted over 100 reteamings.

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