1. Move People

Challenges for Change Missions

People are best set in motion when they are presented with positive dynamics. Fears or threats often increase resistance and friction. What motivates people is a better, more attractive future. It takes sparkling moments to generate inspiration and campfire moments to build closeness, warmth and trust within the team.

A change mission usually requires new skills from all involved. As expedition leader, you need to ensure that your team is fit and ready for new challenges.  And then - train together!

usolvit Guidance and Support

How can usolvit support you in getting your people ready and moving for your change mission?

Fire up – Boost Motivation

Build and maintain positive motivation – right from the very start! Create enthusiasm and confidence by considering psychological needs in the change process. Work together instead of against each other.

Good clear communication is the most important catalyst for successul change. Get support in order to set up a motivating and open change-communication process. Actively shape this process and utilize the latest methods!

Handshake: Beratung & Moderation

Change Communication Campaign

Change communication is often only a secondary consideration, despite the fact that almost everything depends on it. Employees need the right information at the right time and in the right format. Find out what drives your employees and establish a dialogue. Combine offline and online tools and find the right mix.

Boost your change communication power!

Employee Change Journey

While the customer journey is an all-time favourite, the employee journey is equally important, but less well known. Which groups of employees do you want to reach? Which skills do they have – and which additional ones do they need? How do they need to adapt their modes of behaviour? Which messages are important for them? Understand your staff members in order to inspire them.

Inspire your people for change!

Inspiring Events

Inspiring events give power to your change mission. The bigger the event, the better your preparation and storylineneeds to be. Online events and video broadcasts with recordings present new challenges, but also new opportunities. Use them! Tackle them head-on!

Get support from event professionals!
Handshake: Coaching

Executive Coaching for Storytelling

The story you tell about your change mission is crucial. It needs to establish a thread that is consistent with both your organisation’s history and expected and preferred future. Tell your story in a genuine and compassionate way. A few tweaks to your story may make all the difference.

Get tips on how to tell a good change story!

By combining these offers you may multiply their power. Get more input on these topics and book your free strategy conversation now.

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Team up – Make use of the Campfire-Effect

Change always challenges everyone! The mission members must cooperate and support one another. Alignment around the change vision strengthens the cohesion of both the leadership team and the whole organisation. However, it is not always possible to achieve everyone’s aims in the hectic pace of everyday worklife. 

A short time-out often works wonders in building a sense of community. This enables mission teams to maintain and foster a sense of reciprocal warmth and close communication over long distances. You are the leader so - foster community and encourage team building in innovative settings.


Teambuilding Workshops

Not everything can be solved in the hectic pace of everyday work. usolvit supports teams with a wealth of interactive and creative activities both on-, and offline to promote the cooperation of teams.

Establish real collaboration!

Reteaming Workshops

With this highly effective solution-focused team development method from Finland, team building is more successful and sustainable. It helps teams establish and work towards common goals.

Focus on team goals!
Handshake: Coaching

Executive Team Coaching

Alignment among Executive Teams is crucial for mission success. Executive Teams are different. They require a competent sparring partner who is familiar with strategic issues and provides challenges and new ideas on an equal footing.  

Align your executive team!

For the classic Team Offsite we usually recommend a duration of one or two days. However, a lot can also be achieved these days in shorter, interactive online team coaching sessions. The main thing is:

Get going!

Skill up: Train together.

Change requires learning for all. Sometimes the mission can only begin when people have the necessary new skills to do so. This is best achieved together. Creating a community of learners can work magic: the change mission is already under way!

A learning organisation needs people with learning agility and positive learning cycles. Furthermore, it needs to recognize which talents and skills will be important in the future. Fostering talent is one of the most important foundations for the survival and excellence of your organisation.

Optimistic, enthusiastic leaders are more likely to keep their staff members than negative bosses.
Daniel Goleman

usolvit designs highly interactive and customized learning journeys on state-of-the-art topics. Together, we determine the duration and number of modules required, depending on your needs.


Learning Journey: Agile Change Leadership

In times of agile transformations, it is not enough for top management or IT only to understand the methods and philosophy of agile change management. This approach to change should be broadly understood to be driven by everyone. In this respect middle management is key. Agile leadership supports and amplifies the effect of agile methods. Use it to make your organization more nimble and market driven!

Use the power of Change Leadership!

Learning Journey: Positive Leadership

There are millions of leadership approaches, but none of them are as scientifically sound, validated and practice proven. The Positive Leadership Approach, which originates from the global research on Positive Organisations, is one. It has been proven to work in hundreds of organizations.

Use the power of Positive Leadership!

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